Monday, February 05, 2007

it's frickin' freezin'

I've been living in more temperate climates the last four winters, so it's been a rude introduction to Old Man Winter this year.

Man, is he a cranky bastard or what?

I left my house this morning and it was nine degrees.


And, to make things even awesomer, the heat in my room isn't working. The little thermometer below the tempermental thermostat is all the way to the left - and the last number there is 50.


I guess I'll be spending my evening up here, in the living room.


Wyn said...

if electric bills worry you... then this wouldn't work.

i'd invest in an electric heater. they have them all cheap now!

how did you like the superbowl? it was the first i really watched. :D

happy monday!

J-Money said...

I have the same problem in my apartment. I can't decide whether I need to buy an electric blanket or just do calesthenics all night. Now I understand why all of my elderly neighbors have upwards of five cats each: for the snuggling. That and because they're old. (The women, not the cats).

Bright-Eyes said...

becareful with a space heater. THere is a reason there have been so many fires this winter.

I have to opposite problem. My apt. is Boiling. When I turn of the heat I am freezing.

I would get a WOOL blanket. You would be surprised what a litle wool can do for you. Even an army navy store one...

The Rover said...

Plumber is coming t'm'row. Fortunately, my apartment has two levels, so I've taken over the living room...