Monday, February 26, 2007

hooray for hollywood

Oscars were fun. I watched them with Maxine - it's her Super Bowl. She put out a little spread and everything, and had her ballot. She always makes her predictions beforehand, and then checks off the winners. I think she only missed two last night - and one of them was Best Picture. (She even called Alan Arkin!)

The best word I can think of for the ceremony is "weird". Ellen was a fine host, I guess. I'd be ok if they rotated her, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart for the next few years. I'm probably the only one who feels that way, but whatever.

The best moment, by far, was the Will Ferrell/Jack Black/John C. Reilly song. So funny...and so true.

I'm working a lot this week, but I have two posts fully sketched out on a piece of paper that's sitting in the middle of my "desk". So you'll get my stories, I promise. Right now, it's time for me to get some zzzzz's...

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