Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's? not likely

For the record, I hate Valentine's Day. HATE. I've never had a good one, and even back in elementary school, when we had to exchange those little Peanuts-type cards, it struck me as just an exercise in angst. All those dumb questions just flooding your mind:

- She gave me a card with "love" in it - what does that mean?
- Will she like me if I give her the Peppermint Patty one?
- Why don't I have a Valentine?
- Who gave me the anonymous card? Do they really love me?

And then, when you are actually with someone:

- What do I buy her?
- Will she read too much into this gift?
- Did I buy her enough?

It just strikes me as really, really dumb. And I'm a romantic! (as you probably have judged from the PB saga)

So rather than getting all wound up, I just don't celebrate it. This can create some sticky situations when I'm dating someone, but I think that the attention I give my SO's the other 364 days of the year make up for this one.

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Angela said...

I'm not sure if not celebrating Valentine's Day when you are in a relationship is the solution. I agree that this is an anxiety provoking holiday but sometimes you kind of have to just deal with the anxiety.

I have friends who have a no gift policy. I like that. They just agree to do something together and leave it at that.