Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Turkey Day is coming...

Getting very fired up about Thanksgiving. It's a mandatory holiday in my family...if you don't show up, you're out. I was talking to my brother today and he was telling me that about 20 people are expected for dinner (not counting a couple of my close friends who had to cancel, much to my chagrin), which is huge, even for us. I just hope that there's enough deep-fried turkey to go around.

And speaking of deep-fried turkey, I find it hilarious that, after taking a red-eye across the country and getting very little sleep, I will be expected to supervise people lowering a 20 pound bird into 10 pounds of peanut oil boiling at over 500 degrees. Like I'm even going to be able to stand...

After t'm'row, only two weeks left on the road. More about my upcoming travel itinerary next week...from KANSAS!

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Bright-Eyes said...

we have a show on turkey day.


AND a talk back.

besame el culo CABRONES!!!!!