Sunday, November 20, 2005


At long last, I'm in a spot with internet access! Perhaps I'll update my blog six times a day now, just because I can.

Spent yesterday in San Francisco. It was good times...went to a cool seafood/jazz spot, and then partied in our hotel room until security was called. Seriously. It was the last time I got to hang with my Sleepy Hamlet peeps, and it was cool. Sort of anti-climatic, if you want to know the truth. I'll see most of them again, I'm sure, but it won't ever be the same. That sucks.

Something that doesn't suck...early last week I got a call from a theater in the midwest, asking me to come do a very famous play. I said yes...I've wanted to do this play for some time now. So two days after Christmas I'm going to be going to a town I'm going to call Steak City for eight weeks to do a very cool show.

I thought about actually printing the name of the play and the city and theater where I'll be working, but, taking a cue from Bright-Eyes' blog, I can tell you much more dirt about the people I'll be meeting if I include as little identifying information as possible.

Time for bed. I'm such an old man...


Bright-Eyes said...

Alright biotch. I gots issues witchoo now.

An A-List Celebrity said...

Yeah, so where is the e-mail telling me where you are going to be? Please send soon, love and misses.