Monday, November 14, 2005


You should really appreciate this post, because it's costing me money. Seriously. I'm at a Starbucks, and I didn't realize until after I had set up my ancient laptop (twice, because apparently my battery life lasts about 10 seconds - as much as I don't want to admit it, it may be time to get a new computer) that I had to pay to get online. So this is a $6 blog entry. You're welcome.

I'm in Fresno, CA, which has all the charm of a sewer. That's a little harsh...there are palm trees, which I like, and attractive women, which I also like, but there are lots and lots of strip malls. And check cashing places. That is not good times.

Raf and I are staying in the guest home of one of the professors of the college we're at for the first part of this week, however, and that is really cool. It's like a rustic log cabin - very cool. We're here until Wednesday night, at which point we drive to the Bay. Civilization at last. And a bunch of my friends are planning a party this weekend in San Francisco. More details as they develop...

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Bright-Eyes said...

40something is from Fresno. I think that is why she tries to act more sophisticated than she really is. Maybe she is still trying to shrug it off.

Pay? $6 To get on line on your OWN computer? I could understand 3 or something...sheesh. Small towns are great. Free wireless everywhere. It really doesn't cost them much and if it is free there, then people would GO there.