Monday, November 03, 2008

election eve

It's finally here.

After all of the speeches and attack ads and pundits and town hall meetings and debates and SNL sketches, we have arrived.

It kind of feels like Christmas Eve, you know? I have the same kind of anticipation bubbling in the pit of my stomach. It's a good thing that I have tech tomorrow, because I couldn't take sitting around in my apartment all day.

I am a little sad that I'm on the road for this. I would love to be watching this with my parents, or my brother, or my girlfriend. The cast is great (and they certainly have an understanding of what's at stake), but I would really like to be with people I love tomorrow. It will be a little lonely if I'm watching election results alone in my apartment.

Tomorrow, it ends. And begins. I am looking forward to it.


DH said...

Dude...I have a VERY early flight tomorrow and I SHOULD go to bed early tonight.

But the news junkie in me knows I'm going to be up as late as it takes to watch Obama's historic victory speech.

I'm heading out to cast my vote now.

I hope you at least find some friends to hang out and celebrate with tonight!

DH said...


This is VERY cool.

Hope you're out somewhere celebrating!

Melissa said...

Even if you're alone right now you've got to be feeling this joy!