Sunday, April 06, 2008

lazy Sunday

written in Fred & Ginger's living room

Chill day w/Fred & Ginger. Ate a lot of food and watched a decent amount of TV. It's been a good day.

Ginger is convinced that the ladies at her place of employment were smitten with me. I think she's exaggerating. I'm trying to convince her to write an entry on here - maybe she can tell you her perspective!

That's all for now.


The Rover said...

Ginger, the offer still stands - if you want to tell your version of the story, I'll put it up here for all of the world to see.

Ginger said...

Okay, okay. Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond. Been very busy. So, the Rover was to the women at my work as water is to a lost man in the desert. He showed up at the State Capitol and instantly was besieged by a female legislator, Power Broker West, and various lobbyists who all thought he was dreamy. Later, at drinks with the crew, he ended up the center of attention at one table with every young woman staring at him like he was the only man on earth and everything he said was fascinating. One lovely young married colleague who was, admittedly very drunk. told him "if you lived here, I would be in so much trouble." Suffice to say, the men who normally get the attention in this little clique were not happy campers. I really have never seen one man walk into a room and have all women reacting like the women in the Axe Body Spray commercial. He's now a legend.