Saturday, December 22, 2007

magazine love

I'm a magazine reader. I have subscriptions to three:

Rolling Stone (which is a lifetime subscription)
Esquire (which gives me something to shoot for, and is surprisingly affordable)
Time (since my freshman year of college)

I generally save these magazines for commutes. When I work at the theater, I often come home late at night, so between riding the subway and actually waiting for the train to arrive, I can have an hour-long trip. My magazines are perfect for those.

So you know what I hate most? When someone steals my magazines.

This used to happen fairly frequently at Sleepy Hamlet. But tonight, someone lifted my Time (with POY Vlad Putin) from the box office. One minute it was there; the next (when I was grabbing my scarf and prepping to leave) it was gone. Boy, was I hot.

The only saving grace is that my brother also subscribes to Time, so I can read the rest of the issue when I go up to his house tomorrow. Still...I hate it when people take my stuff.

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