Friday, December 28, 2007

Blog 365 - am I crazy?

So, folks, I've noticed two things.

1. I like writing every day.

2. More people seem to visit my blog when I write every day.

Therefore, I'm going to undertake a massive...undertaking.

I'm joining Blog 365, meaning that, in 2008, I will be blogging every day.

Here are the rules (as written by the Blog365 people):

- Blog everyday for 365 days.

- Feb.29th is a Free Day and will be the Blog365 day of rest!
(Thanks Leap Year)

- You do not HAVE to post to the same blog as long as you post everyday.

- No internet? Write your post locally and post it once you are back on the grid.

- Computer Broken? Grab some paper and do some old school blogging.

- A post is a post, not everything has to be in writing. Photos, YouTube videos, and the like are all considered content.

- Have fun, because that's the whole point!

The "posting locally" thing is key. I'll probably be doing a lot more of the "jot my thoughts down immediately and post them six hours later" thing in '08. And I'll try to have a witness or two, as well. Also, some of my posts may go up on the actual Blog365 site. I'll try to eventually get them up in both places, but don't freak out if you see a day or two missing. Not that you're going to freak out over my blog, anyway.

Consider this my New Year's resolution - blog more. I'm going to do my best to earn my badge, and not let the other 380 (and counting!) participants down. And I'd love to have some company!


Wyn said...

that sounds awesome... but like my other resolutions, i fear it would be great for two weeks, then i'll forget about it!

we'll cheer you on, though!

and btw, i deleted my blog... i'll send the new one via email.

Angela said...

I will do it too!