Friday, November 10, 2006

voting is good

Crazy week. Have had a lot of things to say, but very little time to put any of it up here.

One thing that I did want to mention is that I was very encouraged at the number of young people I talked to who voted on Tuesday. Citizens of Cowtown were receiving little "I VOTED TODAY" stickers, and many of my under-thirty friends talked about who they had voted for. Equally encouraging was the fact that a lot of those young voters also did some research, going to places like to find out info and make informed choices.

Maybe my friends and I are just getting older (and therefore a bit more aware and responsible), or maybe younger people in this country are starting to wake up. There are some polls out there that are suggesting that it may be the latter.

Off to see Borat - must find out what the fuss is about. The previews do look pretty good...


Lady Wyntir said...

hope your weekend is going well.

will probably get Borat on DVD (can't afford spending $10+ on a movie just for the annoying audience). Now if it was film that took advantage of a large screen.... hmmmmmmm ^_^

Happy Sunday - it's raining in NYC.


Bright-Eyes said...

yo. What up.
I voted. have ever since I was able, so have all of my friends. We are quite the political group though. People who don't vote make me vomit.

how's it going? Had a chem and physics midterm, and two more quizzes tomorrow and wed, plus physics lab today.