Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jr. Miss

Ended the fling with her, or whatever it was - which wasn't much.

She's very strange. She's a total tease - all over me in public, but set up very specific boundaries in private. (Put it this way - it was exciting if she would kiss me for more than 20 seconds straight.)

And she was always inviting herself to go wherever I was going. I would say, "I think I'm gonna grab a quick bite to eat," and she'd say, "Well, I'm off in a few minutes..." Always. Didn't matter where I was going, or who was going to be there.

She was jealous of Suri, who's simply one of my best friends, and would always be very possessive of me.

She constantly needed attention - if we were in a group, and I wouldn't do what she wanted (kiss her, hold her hand, buy her a drink), she would throw herself on the nearest guy to make me jealous (which didn't work).

And she pathologically refused to pay for anything. I mean, I totally expect to pay the first three or four times. But all the time? Once, when I mentioned that I was broke and couldn't afford to get her anything, she ordered an expensive glass of wine and then left and stuck me with the bill.

I think that she's lonely. She only has a couple of close friends, and whenever she would call me she would go on and on about her life.

The main issue was that she seemed to be taking this much more seriously than I intended. I was pretty straightforward throughout the whole thing - told her that I wasn't going to be in Cowtown past the end of the year, told her that I was still dealing with the after-effects of the X and that i didn't want anything serious or complicated. Maybe I have poor communication skills.

I don't think I've ever been this relieved to break things off with someone. I feel elated, and strangely guilty, because I'm pretty sure I hurt her feelings. She was a fun girl - we did have a good time together, when we weren't talking about the state of our "relationship". But it just wasn't working. And why should I knock myself out, when it's not going anywhere?


L. Britt said...

Where do you find these chicks?

The Rover said...

I don't know. I just want normal...

Reading the post again makes me say, "Why the hell did it take me this long?"

L. Britt said...