Friday, November 03, 2006

in case you were wondering...

...yes, I did go on two dates with two different ladies in the same evening. (It's ok if you don't approve...'cause it's already done. But thanks for sharing.)

The first was a lady we'll call Bella Italia. 'Cause she's European.

The second was a lass who shall be known as Jr. Miss. I haven't figured out yet exactly why she's called that - Suri and I were talking in code the other day and that was the name we came up with.

Both went well, I guess. No, I didn't double dip - or single dip for that matter. More explanations later, when I get some sleep.

Good weekend to all.

1 comment:

jeanne said...

where's the "more explanation" and how'd you score two dates on one night?!?!

i can't even get ONE date.

you suck.