Monday, September 18, 2006


What am I frustrated about?

- My computer. I've gone a week without it. I've been trying to press the old laptop into service, and tonight is the first time I've been able to get it online. Good thing I got a new one, huh?

- My job. Auditions are finally starting to go the way I want them to (meaning, I'm actually doing well in them) but now it seems like they lose interest the second I walk in the door. Another one of those today.

- My finances. I thought that I had reached the point where I wouldn't have to live paycheck-to-paycheck anymore. My bank account is telling me differently. Turning down that job has had massive financial consequences for me.

- Tonight's Steeler game. Nothing going on offense. On the bright side, it's farther down the list than it would usually be.

- My living situation. I miss living by myself, in a clean place. And the knowledge that I have a swank pad in Cowtown just three weeks away makes it even worse.

- (last one, I promise) This blog. I really enjoy posting here, and having people come by and comment. And then, when I don't post for a week here or ten days here, people stop coming by. I really want to be posting four or five times a week, but when you have to go to a computer store to get online, that kind of makes that hard to do. I may actually start posting my old journal entries, just to keep the flow here.

Hoping that the laptop will be back soon...


DH said...

Hey Rover...I can't remember if CowTown is where I am, or somewhere else.

Send me a note will ya?

bellacara said...

i can feel your pain on the lap top issue...that's why i have about 3 of them (just a little of an exaggeration...)...mine, work, his, ours, theirs..oh shit that makes 5...way too many..

Melissa said...

Be happy that Thursday is coming. That's one thing that's not frustrating.