Thursday, September 21, 2006


Do other people find that your birthday gets more and more anti-climatic as you get older?

Today is my birthday, and the phone's been ringing, and people keep asking, "What are you doing today?" And my answer feels boring: "Not much. Ate breakfast, checking e-mail, probably go to the gym, and then go hang out at a bar tonight - come by if you want."

It's so strange - the world (of course) is going on as usual, and yet I always feel a tiny bit different. Why is that?

I also feel different because I am staring thirty straight in the face. That means that, at this time next year, I will officially be a grown-up. (In my mind, at least.) It means I've got to get going on my career. It means that I probably need to make decisions about the ladies.

Thank God that's all a year off. ;-)

See some of you at the bar tonight...


Bella said...

i just happened on your blog from someone elses -



DH said...'re only 29??? What a kid!

Happy birthday though!

April said...

Happy Belated Birthday, hon.