Thursday, May 18, 2006


Yesterday was a crazy day, people. To recap:

I woke up really early because I couldn't sleep - probably too disturbed by that episode of "Cheaters" that I watched the night before. Or the fact that my bank account is seriously out of whack.

StefStar and I took Ziggy The Wonder Dog to the beach, where she promptly aggravated the elbow that's been bothering her. We had to get the car to bring her back. (She's ok, don't worry.)

Drove through Nevada all day. Have you ever driven through Nevada? Let me save you some time...don't. There's nothing to see there. Once you get past Reno, it's all over. I was the hit of a Subway in Wannamucca, though.

Driving through eastern Utah (another wasteland, except there the ground is white - literally) we noticed that there were some white dots on the windshield. We just figured that they were flecks of salt that were being thrown up. But it got worse and worse, and they just made streaks on the windshield when I tried to get them off with washer fluid. To make matters even worse, it was getting dark, and the lights from oncoming drivers - which were getting more and more numerous as we approached Salt Lake City - were making it even harder to see. I basically had zero visibility, and no way to get off the highway. I had to follow the lights of cars - that was the only way I could stay on the road.

So Stef and I finally get to a gas station just outside of Park City. I search all over the place, finally find a squeege with wiper fluid, and head to the windshield. And what do I find? Apparently, we drove through a HUGE colony of INSECTS! There were literally thousands of little bug remains all over the windshield...and the side mirrors...and the grill...and the bumper. From a distance, it looked like mud, but you could see the grossness up close. We took a couple of pictures, so you might get to see it, if you can stomach it.

Went to a couple of different places looking for food. Found the only spot that was still serving dinner at 10pm. Inside we heard the worst laugh you've ever heard - high-pitched and obnoxious. The staff said that the guy usually clears a place out pretty quickly. We decided to get a second beer there only after the guy left. The laugh is actually on tape - we're gonna try to get that up on one of our blogs, too.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, a semi-drunk realtor starting talking to us - getting our story, etc. He was trying to convince us to come to some "industry" party. We went, and had an awesome time. Our waitress from the restaurant - who I discovered was (a) training for the Olympics and (b) extremely cute - brought us over a few drinks. So we hung out with the realtor and the waitress/athlete and a golf pro, who was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. And it was awesome. We staggered back to the hotel at 1am. Totally random.

Oh yeah, I even saw a black guy at the party. Who would have thought?

So that was the day. Good times, no? We're headed to Denver in a couple of hours, and we'll be there for the weekend. Since we'll be in one place for a few days, hopefully we can figure out all the tech stuff and post some pics. Right now, though, I've got to go. "Good Morning Utah" is on, and it seems like a seminal moment in television history - they're discussing how Britney puts her baby car seat in incorrectly! I love Utah.


Stef said...

Our posts are strangely similiar. Hmmmm. We really are the same person. wierd.

Melissa said...

You're such a liar. There was no other black guy. What... you think we're stupid or something? Cripes.

a.maria said...

YAY denver! have fun!

The Rover said...

I wouldn't have believed it myself, had we not exchanged the "black people nod". You know what I'm talking about.

Bright-Eyes said...

Melissa = Hysterical