Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the end of "k lance"; the beginning of my trip

The blog is continuing, but the name will be changing, for reasons too numerous to list on here. I will say that being back in NYC feels like a kind of rebirth for me, like I'm beginning my life all over again. I'm normally an optimistic person, but I feel even more so these days. And I'm really excited for what the future will hold.


The cross-country trip begins on Sunday! One of my roommates has kindly agreed to lend me her digital camera, so you will see glorious pictures of my trip across America. Well, you'll see them as long as we stay in places that have internet access. It's gonna be really exciting. We've almost got the itinerary finalized - it will probably look something like this:

Sleepy Hamlet
Lake Tahoe
Salt Lake City
Martha's Vineyard

Good times, no? In my dream trek across America, I'd probably take a more Southern route, going through Phoenix and Texas and New Orleans and Atlanta, but methinks my bank account doth protest too much. Plus this route allows me to fish for a few jobs. And jobs are what we're all about here at F&G. Well, that and the nookie.

Off to find a suit for the Wedding of the Century.


Bright-Eyes said...

make sure to bing your "Klan Be Gone"...you are going through desolate areas of the square regions....the red states...the

Well you get my point.

And considering your traveling partner...maybe you really should be extra careful...they don't like it when you steals dey wimins

Melissa said...

Be careful and have a super great time.

Hope you found a suit! (I'm still in denial that he's getting married, I am NOT old)

Your Mom said...

1. You are attending Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding? Wow! How'd you score that invite?

2. Why is Columbia, Missouri NEVER included on anyone's road trip list?

3. I would like to take this opportunity to re-nominate the name "The Black Lantern" as your new identity.

The Rover said...

"Black Lantern" was a close second...