Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i heart stephen colbert

Have any of you ever watched "The Colbert Report"? (That final "t" is silent - pronounced "kol-bear re-poor".) Funny as hell. And now comes news of his blistering satire of the President on Saturday night. Normally, that wouldn't be too interesting - who doesn't make fun of the President? - except for the fact that he did it right in front of his face!

You've really got to see it to believe it. (There's a transcript here. You can also find a version of the video on YouTube.)

And then, if you like what you saw, go here to give Mr. Colbert some props.


The Bird Man said...

Stephen Colbert is just plain awesome. This performance was not well recieved Because he attacked the president to his face, but also because he really attacked the entire white house press corps for allowing the president to get away with so much. It was awesome.

Lady Wyntir said...

i had to post about this amazing act of courage, hee hee hee

seriously, don't know if you can get time in to get to a taping, but he's so cool live! you think a person can't get cooler...