Thursday, September 08, 2005

Overcoming together...

This encourages me. Glad to see my people coming together.


Christine said...

Ok. I'm going to be opinionated for a minute. I hope you'll forgive me. I am disturbed by the media slant on Katrina. For one thing, New Orleans was not the only place destroyed. Have you heard that most of the base housing at Keesler AFB (Biloxi, MS) was crushed by a 25 foot wave from the bay? No of course you haven't. Because New Orleans makes for a juicer news story. In fact, at this point the death toll in Biloxi is bigger (and still growing) than that of New Orleans, yet the news stories are smaller and fewer.

On that base alone there are 6000 military members and dependants who are homeless, living in shelters. The difference? That base planned ahead. They saw to it that all their people, black white and otherwise, were evactuated to safe and well equiped shelters. (And trust me, Airmen, aren't rich or priviledged. Most young enlisted families are living below the poverty line and are eligible for government assistance.)

New Orleans, much like FEMA and the rest of the governement stooges, were simply not prepared for the magnitude of this disaster. The article you link to compares Katrina to Charley and Andrew. Katrina was much much worse. It did more damage along a bigger swath of land. Maybe I am niave or ignorant but I just don't buy the idea that New Orleans was ignored becuase its victims were primarily black.

Also, the first failures start with Louisanna itself. Why did they not bus people out who didn't have means to get out? Why didn't they supply their shelters with enough food or water? Once the hurricane did its damage the infrastructure around New Orleans was ruined. Getting help to them from the outside was nearly impossible. And let's not forget that understandably traumatized citizens shot at and swamped approaching rescue vehicles.

Okay. For fear you thinking I'm an absolute nut (or a crazy white girl at least.) I am ending my rant. :-)

The Rover said...

Rant is totally's a subject that lends itself to it easily.

Bright-Eyes said...

A lot of the people they are focusing on in New Orleans couldn't do anything, THAT is why it is such a hot subject.

Biloxi is actually all over the news where I am too, so I am not sure why you think people don't know that was hit also.

I appreciate what you say k-lance, and I agree. It is nice to see, which I think was the point of your posting that article. Not to debate over what was hit worse and who was prepared and who was not. It is nice to see us coming together when that is not what is ever shown in the media or in the imaginations of hollywood.