Monday, September 19, 2005

comings & goings

Going through a reshuffling period. Old relationships are exploding and/or disintegrating, and instead I seem to be meeting extremely wonderful people who I only get to spend a few days with.

I worry more about the old relationships. I readily admit that I like to be liked, and as a result of that it's always really difficult for me to completely sever ties with a person. It's hard even when I want to get rid of somebody. But I totally understand that you gotta do it sometimes, especially when you've been romantic with a person.

Meeting new people is really exciting, but I always kind of hate it when you have great conversation for four hours and then you leave, not knowing if you'll ever see that person again. One of my best friends told me that you should just be grateful for the experience, and be excited that you may randomly bump into one of these people again. I guess I'm a pack rat: if I like you, I want to keep you around forever. Is that weird? I don't think it is...

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Bright-Eyes said...

It can be if you just want those people around because of what they give you, since you like them, but aren't concerned with whether or not they want to be around you. But if you both really want to be friends it isn't weird. Don't sweat old relationships. The true ones never die. The ones that do, you don't need them anyway.

So, Mr. 25lbs... give me a workout plan if you wanna stay my friend!!!!!