Monday, September 26, 2005

cranky connection

An on-location blog from my sleepy hamlet's wireless internet! I wish I lived next door - then I wouldn't have to pay for access at all. My internet connection is on the fritz again...I've had so many computer difficulties living in that apartment. Another reason that I'm glad to move.

My beloved Steelers lost yesterday. I'll spare you all of my analysis of the game; I will say, however, that I wasn't as torn up as I normally am after a loss. That was probably because (a) they lost to the world champs, or (b) I got a free drink from the pretty bartender, or (c) I watched the game with a pretty girl. I actually can't decide.

1 comment:

Lewis said...

Don't overanalyze it, my friend. When luck like that's rolling in your favor, just enjoy it while it lasts.