Tuesday, September 02, 2008

my super sucks

My bathroom had a leak a couple of weeks ago. Now the leak has gotten worse. There is no water in my bathroom yet, but you can hear the constant patter of the water in the ceiling. And now the ceiling is starting to show signs of water damage, and plaster is actually falling.

I waited around ALL DAY today, because my super said that he was going to come by and check out our bathroom. I had several errands to run, but because he said he was coming by "first thing in the morning", I decided to wait.

It's now six thirty in the evening.

Have I seen him?


He's an asshole.

I did call my landlord and complain, though. I feel a tiny bit better knowing that the landlord will chew the super out. But I'd feel a LOT better if someone would come fix my bathroom.

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:: tk :: said...

Yup. Same scenario (no show) happened when I was there.

Did I mention that I was home alone at around midnight when I noticed your ceiling leaking and started knocking on your upstairs neighbor's door?

Good times.


Good luck.
(You'll probably be outta there by the time it gets fixed.)