Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i forgot my cell phone at home today

...and I felt so lost.

Cut off from the world, even.

Now, I was at the gym for two hours - where I wouldn't be using my phone anyway - and then I worked for five hours - where I couldn't use my phone all that much - but still.

I kept hoping that I wouldn't come home and find out that I had missed a super important crucial message. Then I would figure that I wouldn't have any messages at all. (For the record, I missed four calls and one text; there are two voicemails that I have to listen to.)

Leaving my phone behind also meant that I haven't checked my e-mail in six hours (because I sneaked a peek at the gym).

Looking at these statements, it's amazing how plugged in I am. Maybe I should try to take a break occasionally...

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