Thursday, August 09, 2007

marriage is sacred, right?

If you've ever been around people in the entertainment industry, you know that the idea of "fidelity" is kind of fluid.

It really shouldn't be surprising. You develop these emotional attachments as characters, which sometimes spill over into real life. (I can't tell you how many crushes I've had on women who have played opposite me.) And, you know, you're on the road, far away from home, and you're kind of lonely, and you spend all of this time with the same eight people, and you all go to the bar together after work. And one of them is kind of cute, and you talk about some racy topics, and then everyone else is gone except for the two of you, and before you know it, you're making out in the hallway of your hotel.

I've been on the road for a couple of years now, and the one thing I've learned is that when people are involved in a show or movie, romantic connections tend to happen. And they tend to happen regardless of whether or not a person is attached. Or engaged. Or married.

(I've actually been fairly good in this regard - only twice have I ever done anything which could be regarded as questionable. And one of those was with a girl who swore to me that she was breaking up with her boyfriend...which she then didn't do. So I think I get a pass on that one.)

One of our favorite activities here in Rockport is to guess which actors are sleeping together. There's a crew of about six or seven actors who tend to frolic with each other - late night naked swimming, joint showers - all sorts of stuff. And Snapple and I and Snapple's roommate, who is a friend of mine from years past here (let's call her Wonder Woman), tend to get together, and laugh about it, and say tsk, tsk, how ridiculous.

So you think we'd be in the clear, right?

After yet another state-of-the-relationship chat with Snapple this morning, she went home and I showered. When I checked my phone I saw that she had called. I figured that she was going to apologize, or ask some type of questions, so I called her back. But instead of sounding upset or concerned, she was very excited.

SNAPPLE: Guess what?

ME: What?

SNAPPLE: I found an open box of condoms in the living room!


SNAPPLE: Yeah! And I found the receipt for it, too! It was dated August 4th!

This means that what Snapple and I suspected, but couldn't bring ourselves to believe, was true - Wonder Woman was messing around with one of our castmates, a talented and highly respected local actor.

Who is engaged.

It's really hard for me to be disappointed in these circles. But today, I am.

UPDATE: It appears as though nothing happened. Apparently the box of condoms were not opened, and they were bought the day before. This is significant, as Wonder Woman had a guy coming into town the next day. we think nothing happened.

UPDATE II: Snapple and I actually caught the dude coming out of Wonder Woman's room at 8 in the morning on our last day in Rockport. So...I was right.

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