Tuesday, July 31, 2007

alone time

I'm writing this entry in the local public library. The internet access at my home is all fucked up, but this also provides me an excellent excuse to get away.

I'm in desperate need of some "me" time.

I like Snapple. She's a cool girl. But she doesn't really show an inclination to do anything other than hang out with me. Sure, she wants to go to the local water park, or read by the water, or get some lunch. But she doesn't really need to do anything, you know, by herself.

And that drives me crazy.

Even when I was the most in love (with Maxine), I still needed a good hour or so completely to myself. I usually do a variety of things during that hour - read, check e-mail, look up sports articles/scores, fantasy football, play video games, etc. The what is not so important.

And if I don't get that time?

I start to go stir-crazy.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the car - someone in my cast organized a nature trip, and I was with people all day. Then, when I got home, my stomach decided to wage a full-scale war against the rest of my body. Snapple went to the store to get me medicine, but brought home the wrong kind. So we just watched TV for a while before going to sleep.

She had to get up early to go talk to some class or something, so I figured that I'd have a while this morning to myself. But I woke up just after dawn and couldn't get back to sleep. (And that totally pisses me off.) So I ended up having a couple of hours...but it still wasn't enough.

So now I'm at the library. And I think that Snapple's upset. I'll have to fix that when I go home. Hopefully I'm in a better space to do so.

But, for right now, I'm going to browse the internet. And enjoy my solitude.

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