Wednesday, August 23, 2006

have computer, will blog

I always get excited when there's free wi-fi in an airport. Then I feel like an on-the-scene reporter, giving you a close-up into my life. Unfortunately, it's not all that exciting lately.

So I'm sitting at JFK, waiting to fly home for the weekend. Should be good times. I've got an audition for one of the hometown theaters, and the fam and I are going to go to a baseball game, so I can finally see New Hotness Stadium. The city built it a few years ago, but I've never been home during the summer (this is actually the first summer I haven't had an acting job in seven years, which is a ridiculous streak), so I'm pretty excited.

And, of course, I'm flying the world's most perfect airline, JetBlue. Buttery leather seats, extra leg room, DirecTV...this is how you're supposed to fly. And I get to fly them next weekend, too! Almost makes me WANT to travel. Almost.

Catch y'all on the flip side.

1 comment:

a.maria said...

dude i totally feel the same way. i pretend that i'm writing the next big thing, and am very important...

hell i don't even have to open the laptop up. or TURN IT ON.

if i'm carrying that bad boy around on my trip, i feel like...

i feel like...

i feel like the #1 hot shot studette that i am!!