Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Love & Licensing

Kind of fired up today. Two reasons:

1) A very long story, but I essentially am being forced to get a new drivers' license. My old state didn't send me the right kind of license, and can't send me the right type for two weeks. And the next phase of my job requires me to rent a car, which I can't do with an expired out-of-state license. So I'm feverishly cramming for the written exam, which is all this West Coast state requires me to take. But I've got to burn $60, on top of the $30 I already sent to my ex-state... You can probably feel my pain.

2) One of my friends had his girlfriend break up with him over the phone - she just moved to the Midwest a month ago. This girlfriend, who is also a friend of mine, has a habit of doing this - she moves to a new place, dumps her old boyfriend, and picks up a new one. We all thought that this relationship was different. Apparently not.

It just burns me up that someone can tell another person that they love them, and then chuck them aside as soon as they find something else they want to have sex with. Love is messy and hard and thrilling and exhausting, and it is never ever casual. I just don't get how some people can toss that word around. If I tell you I love you, it means something. I don't say it very often, and I don't say it to very many people, because it means something. I wish this woman had the same respect for it that I do. I hope she grows up.

Maybe people need to get a license to allow them to fall in love, or get married. You know, show some responsibility, know how to make a person feel important, learn how to kiss correctly (that's important). Demonstrate your capability.

Off to do more cramming...did you know that, if necessary, you may park a vehicle on the shoulder of a highway if passing traffic has enough room to get by and if your vehicle can be seen from 200 feet in each direction? Exciting stuff, no?


Bright-Eyes said...

Ahhhh kissing.

I was going to say something else...but what is better than that?

My ex stopped kissing me way before he actually dumped me. He wasn't a kisser to beging with. And not that good at it either. I, on the other hand, not to toot my own, but I think I am pretty awesome.

Lewis said...

Here's hoping that fair-weather girlfriend's ex-state screws up her license and saves us guys all the heartache.

Bright-Eyes said...

are you packing yet?
I have already started to think about it....