Monday, October 17, 2005

The end is nigh.

The lack of motivation continues.

Did a little sumptin'-sumptin' for my company's volunteers tonight - gave them a taste of the skillz. Always good to remember the little people...even if you're a little person yourself.

Three weeks left in the Sleepy Hamlet. Although I may make a return trip a week after I leave, for various and sundry reasons. I'm slowly getting to the point where I'm not going to be able to put off packing much longer...

No decision as of yet. Maybe you can help. The question:

New York or Los Angeles?



Lewis said...

If it were me, the 'various and sundry things' would be my hair dryer, my deodorant and my favorite sweatshirt that I forgot to pack. Oh, and probably my meds, too.

If I'm not mistaken, LA and NY aren't in the running anymore. I think it's between St. Louis, Houston and Chicago (the south side ones).

The Bird Man said...

New York...they have a better public transportation system. But if St. Louis is really an option my vote definitely goes with St. Louis. Its ahhhm...theres ahhh, there is a totally sweet arch and its only 2 hours from Columbia, MO.

Bright-Eyes said...

Clearly there is no debate.
Get your ass over to new york and warm it up for me!!!!!

Then we can decide about LA next year...I'll need someone to split the rent with and I promise I won't make fun of your dates.
Too much.

The Rover said...

Good point, Lewis. Go ChiSox.

Bird Man, how about KC? Trying to get a job there.

B-E, you know that you could never resist an opportunity to make fun of a girl that I'm dating...

Aphrodite said...

LA, yuck! Go to the City.

LA changes people. LA is fake. LA is all about the business and nothing more.

NYC has so much character, history, easy transportation, interesting people, overall options... go there! Hell, I may move there myself within the year.

An A-List Celebrity said...

I like KC a lot, but I don't know it real well yet... If that option does work out, just know that bird man and I will MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE if you know what I'm saying.

What am I saying?

The Bird Man said...

I can say this...K.C. Doesn't have an Arch. They do have a terrible baseball team. We once saw Modest Mouse play there and that was completely and totally awesome...though MM are not exactly hip-hop.

Bright-Eyes said...

no no...really I promise!

well, I won't out loud....where she can hear...