Sunday, February 13, 2005

Moxi is playing hard to get

I'm currently on hold with the folks at Charter, who are slowly sliding down my Christmas list. The cable has been in and out for three days, and I'm starting to get cranky - and so is my upstairs neighbor, who depends on me to record Oprah and Dr. Phil (I need to stop hanging out with girls). I'm currently missing the Grammys, which is ok because I've already found out who won thanks to the internet; but there's a documentary on Shirley Chisholm at 10:30 that I've been waiting to see for a week, and if I don't get to see/record that, it's not gonna be pretty. (Don't know who Shirley Chisholm is? You should. Take 5 seconds and click here for a bio of her, or click here to find out about this documentary that I'm jonesing for.)

Went to a party last night. It was hyped as the party to end all parties. Tasty alcohol drinks and nubile young laides would be everywhere. All involved would remember it forever as one of those magical evenings where all is right with the world, etc., etc. Alas, it fell short of these lofty expectations, as most overhyped events tend to do. Still, I did have fun with the peeps.

Still on hold. Guess I'll make something to eat while I wait. I could be here a while...

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