Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this show

I find myself thinking about the past a lot these days. The show I'm working on now is a remount of the show I did in Steak City a couple of years ago. I also worked on a production of this during my Sleepy Hamlet days. I was also supposed to do a production of this show in another city, but I ended up backing out a couple of months before. I even drew up a set design for this play in a class back in undergrad.

Obviously, I have a long history with this play.

I don't have a very big role in the show, which means I spend most of my time at rehearsal watching and waiting. I always feel pressure from others in the room to watch the play, but, frankly, I can't do it. It isn't that the play is bad (it's great, and this group does an amazing job). It's just that I can't ride the emotional roller coaster six days a week, and I have no interest in hearing debates about character that I've heard before.

I spend a lot of time wishing I could play the lead (which I'm still too young to do, although the place I turned down wanted me to play that role) or direct the play myself when I'm in the room. It kind of drives me crazy. So, instead, I download music, or surf the internet, or read my magazines.

Or write blog entries.

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