Monday, October 13, 2008

ok, we're back

written at a cute coffee shop around the corner from my apartment

I've been SUCH a slacker at getting my posts up lately, and that's probably because I was doing a thousand things. Between working two jobs, and hustling for more jobs, and packing for Bluff City, and packing to move in December, and trying to spend quality time with my friends, and trying to spend some type of quality time with Maxine...well, it's no wonder that I was ready to get out of New York.

But now I'm on the road.

I kind of love being on the road.

First of all, my apartment is AWESOME. It's kind of an old '50s style building, with wood floors and old appliances. It's the perfect sized place for me. The TV could be a little bigger, but otherwise I have no complaints.

Mostly, though, what's nice about coming on the road to do a show is that I can completely focus on what's important, on the task at hand. The only job I have to do is the show. Everything else is secondary. There are no distractions - friends wanting to hang out or make out or whatever. I LOVE that. My life becomes very simple - eat, work out, watch TV, surf the internet, rehearse/do the show, drink, sleep. Rinse, repeat.

Hopefully, for at least the next couple of months, you'll see daily posts actually appearing the day I wrote them. So it's ok to come back here on a daily basis again. ;-)

Happy Monday to all!

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