Thursday, October 09, 2008

only in new york

I'm walking by Madison Square Park, headed home, and I keep seeing these flashes. At first I think that maybe I'm catching the headlights from an oncoming truck - the flash would be after something passes between me and the light, right? But then I start to realize that they're still coming. Maybe I'm tired from work, from not sleeping enough, from too much stress from packing. Maybe I'm losing my mind.

Then there's one right in front of me. POP! It's dazzling. And I realize that I was right, it was a flash, there is a guy standing on the fucking street corner at 23rd and 5th with a camera and a huge flash thingy, shaped like an umbrella, facing uptown.

And what is he taking a picture of?

I look to my right, across the street, just in time to catch a glimpse of a woman in a trench coat and heels. She's wearing a bikini. Actually, to be more accurate, she's wearing what appears to be bikini bottoms, and a tube top, which she has just pulled up over her breasts.


Naked pics. On a busy intersection, at eleven fifteen on a Thursday night, with traffic streaming by and a barrage of cops not even half a block away. Probably watching the whole thing.

It's times like this that I love my weird, wild, crazy city. Going to Bluff City on Sunday sure will be a letdown.

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