Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh. My. God.

Stop what you're doing.

Seriously, stop.

Now, read this article from the USA TODAY. It's about a month old, but no matter.

Why should you read it?, I can't believe I'm actually typing this...well...

Apparently, YOUR using millions of YOUR tax dollars to tell you to...NOT have sex.

Not teenagers.


Specifically, adults ages 20-29.

That's right.

As this San Francisco Chronicle article states, this really makes me want to go out and have sex immediately.

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Wyn said...

Excellent article! Even more awesome post.

I've never understood why they spend more money teaching abstinance... it will only lead to more sex (rebellion), more STDs (risky sex is fun!), and more unwanted children.

This also reminds me how angry i get when i go to a CVS or another pharmacy store in a, shall i say, ethnic neighborhood. i love how the condoms are always behind glass, or behind the counter, or in the pharmacy section that's never open. Yet, when i'm in a "classier" neighborhood, the condoms are readily available.

Seriously talk about sabatoging the birth rate by communities. Hell, if they want to steal condoms to stay safe and stop the babies, LET THEM STEAL THEM... they have every right to a healthy sex life - these are people we're talking about, not racial statistics.

Unfortunately, i think it's a poor way to control the population.. and seriously, this is New York. :/