Tuesday, June 06, 2006

wait for it...wait for it...

We're in kind of a holding pattern here at F&G, for several reasons. The biggest of all is waiting for financing to come through for my new computer, which will allow me to spice up this blog a bit, as well as post pictures of my super road trip with The Croatian Sensation. I don't feel like I should tell stories about our journey without showing you all of the available photo documentation.

I also feel like I'm waiting around career-wise, which sometimes doesn't make sense to me. I landed an agent on Friday - very exciting news - but now I just sit around waiting for the phone to ring for appointments. I still have all of the normal actor-y stuff to do - reading Backstage, reminding my contacts that I'm still alive - now I just have more help.

I also have an acting job of sorts that begins in two weeks, and as a result I can't land any kind of part-time job - people don't want to hire someone who says, "I'd love a flexible schedule, and I really won't be available to you for the next two weeks." So I may have to go the temp route for a while. I've been resisting it because I want to keep my open availability for meetings and auditions, but, in the words of OutKast, "Baby gotta eat!" (And speaking of my favorite musical group in the world, they just released a new single, "The Mighty O", which is mighty good.)

And, because I'm not flush with cash right now, I'm kind of waiting around to make the apartment improvements that I want to do. I just need some more stuff - a proper bed frame (my mattress and boxspring reside on the floor), pots and pans, a new bookcase, etc. I can live without it - it would just make things a bit more comfortable. I do feel a bit like a grownup now that I've at least got a place where I can receive my mail.

Off to bed...still catching up on sleep from the wedding...


Your Mom said...

I can't help but offer this word of advice about the bedframe - hold out for a good one. I got a used piece of crap from my landlord and after waking up three times in a week to find myself sliding out of bed as half the frame had collapsed, I ended up getting rid of it and finding the boxspring on the floor to be much more comfortable.

That is all.

Bright-Eyes said...

definately hold out for a good one if you are going to be sleeping on it for any amount of time.
In VA my bed sucked so bad I almost bought a new one and threw out their old one as a tax write off.

My bed now is AWESOME. Sterns and Foster pillow top mattress. AAAHHHH plushness...loverly. Stay in bed alllll daaay. not conducive for work, though.

God's Child said...

re apt

maybe you can pretend you are camping.

maybe you can take a zen approach. Less stuff. Give up worldly possessions--live ascetic life.

Maybe you will find an even cooler place soon and you won't have as much crap to move.

Lady Wyntir said...

keep the bed on the floor... or maybe you should get a futon mattress (not the couch thingy) and then you can fold it up and away when you're done with it. ^_^

beds can be so overrated ^_~

It's good to be exhausted for a happy reason. here's to catching up on sleep! (~)D

~wyn :D