Tuesday, June 27, 2006

happy action fun time

Oh, folks, it's on. It's SO on!

Why is it on?

Because, my friends...I have my new computer.

It's pretty.

A gleaming new MacBook. Fully souped-up. Picked up Microsoft Office and a new iPod while I was at it, thank you very much.

So...do you know what this means?

It means...that you finally will be able to see pictures from my kick-ass vacation.

Pictures like this. -->

Prize to the person who can tell me what city this is in. Bonus if you can tell me where.

One more thing that must be done - I must name the new computer.

She's the new love of my life (in part because of how much coin I dropped on it...I mean, her; in part because there's no other prospects on the horizon), and she needs a new name. It was tough for me to pick the gleaming white model over the gleaming black model (insert Bright-Eyes' joke of choice here), so it needs an ethnic-sounding name. I'm feeling Egypt right now, so I'm thinking Isis. Check out a pic of the MacBooks and give me your suggestions, please...

Living situation post coming t'm'row...I just had to tell y'all about this one first...


The Bird Man said...

I am betting this is a picture of a Tiger statue outside Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan...The newish home of the Detroit Tigers.

The Bird Man said...

I think you should name your computer Nefertiti. She was a very powerful queen in ancient Egypt, is consider the most beautiful woman in all of ancient Egypt, and was worshiped as a goddess after her death...additionally her name ends in "titi", so you could call your computer "the titty machine" for short.

The Rover said...

You are the winner! I grant you permission to name your forthcoming baby after me. Congrats.

DH said...

It is a time for new laptops...congrats! I SO wanted to get a new Mac instead of PC...just a lot less coin the PC way though.

As for a name...Isis is good...I like Nefertiti or Nef for short.

See...if it were a male computer, you could go with something like Jonathan (like the apple, get it?)...of course...it is a "girl" computer, so Golden Delicious might be an option.