Sunday, June 11, 2006

just when you're starting to get comfortable...

...the unexpected happens.

Due to an exceptional degree of negligence and ineptitude, the landlord of my building is kicking us out. I found out about this in the wee hours of Friday morning, coming home after a fun evening with a delightful buzz. Needless to say, I was not that happy. We were originally going to be bounced out immediately, but my roommate was able to get the landlord to let us stay for the remainder of the month.

So, I'm going to be moving again. It's probably for the best - this building is for sale, and it's definitely in need of renovations - seems like every time I looked up there was something else breaking, or leaking, or running. But I'm really disappointed because I thought I had a home, you know? I had all these fix-em-up plans...poof! Gone.

Anyone know of a good July sublet? Preferably in Brooklyn?


the fool said...

On what grounds? Did you do something to violate the terms of the lease?

The Rover said...

It's really complicated to explain - basically, there is no lease. The person I replaced was supposed to tell the landlord that my roommate was going to be writing the checks, and basically (a) the landlord never got that message before the first rent check showed up, and (b) her first tactic was to tell us we could stay if we paid double the current rent.

Bright-Eyes said...

sorry, man...I can ask around.

If she is doing that, btw you can go to Fair Housing. She has to give you 30 days, period.

L. Britt said...

Yeah, you do get 30 days...and where does it say that the checks have to be written by a certain person? If you were paying by money order, I bet the landlord wouldn't mind.

Check Craig's List...of course, you knew that. If you need a couch, let me know.