Thursday, February 17, 2011

movie binge!

I watched Inception tonight - very cool. For some reason, I went nine or ten months without seeing a movie in the theaters, and so I haven't seen most of the Oscar contenders. So I'm finally using my Netflix subscription again and trying to burn through everything. I'm hoping to sneak away this weekend and see Black Swan or The King's Speech. I have The Kids Are All Right as my other Netflix disc, and next up in my queue is The Social Network. Hopefully I can make a dent before the Oscars.

It's strange - I love watching movies SO much, but I just haven't made time for them recently. Earlier this month I bought a 42" HDTV and a PS3, and it was so enjoyable tonight to fire them up, turn off all the lights, and watch a slick and stylish heist flick - Christopher Nolan is the bomb. Hopefully I'll get to do this a bit more in the coming weeks. Something to look forward to for spring break...

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