Thursday, April 15, 2010


We had a brush-up rehearsal for our show tonight, which meant that we ran through the thing at about half the emotional intensity. I'm usually starving after work, and I don't have a bunch of stuff at the apartment, so after the run I went to IHOP. I kept thinking about eggs as I drove over, and I was determined to order something (a) healthy and (b) inexpensive.

So what did I order?

Chicken-friend steak with three eggs and three pancakes. And a carafe of coffee (decaf). Seventeen bucks with tip.

And...I feel like crap.

I always do this. I always try to eat with the idea of eating healthy foods that will fuel my body and keep me slim. My taste buds, however, somehow seem to circumvent the process and take control just as I'm ordering. That's why I've been on a fast-food jag the last week or so.

It's a constant battle. I love food. I love eating out, and I love cooking, and I love watching cooking shows, and I love reading restaurant reviews...I just think all of it is great. I wish I could just eat what I want all of the time.

Then, I snap back to reality.

First of all, I'm single. I think that my chances of finding an attractive mate rise as my stomach flattens. So there's that. There's also a history of high blood pressure in my family. Most importantly, right now, is that men in my family, when they reach their early-to-mid-thirties, tend to put on weight. And I can't play the kinds of roles that I'm playing now if I'm carrying around thirty extra pounds.

So I try to watch what I eat.

And I try to go to the gym.

And I beat myself up when I fail at those two tasks.

This week? I've been to the gym once (yesterday) and I've had fast food multiple times. You can guess how my psyche feels.

Time to drink water and cleanse myself...

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So Gone Over You said...

Dealing with the same struggles, my friend.

First of all, as someone with hypertension (and having had it since I was 21 - thanks bad genes!), I can tell you the family history alone should be enough reason to help you keep fast food out of your health. I can promise you taking a daily pill to keep my pressure in check, quarterly doctor visits, etc. all suck big time, lol. Plus, the whole increased heart attack risk and stuff? Not fun!

But, the thing is, don't concentrate on your slip ups! So what? You had a bad meal. Big deal. Stock your pantry with fruits, lean protein and fiber. I heart the Fiber One bars and cereals, tuna on wheat toast is always good, and those Purdue Perfectly Portioned chicken breasts are perfect for cooking for 1.

Fit exercise in when you can. Can't hit the gym? Take a stroll around the city.

You can do this! I've lost 13 lbs in 5 weeks! I, too, wish I could eat whatever I want, but that's not life, lol. Also, watch Super Size Me, you won't be loving the fast food any more! xo