Monday, May 21, 2007

pop quiz

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything - trying to get my NY life in tip-top shape before I take off for the summer. I finally found a sublettor - who was willing to pay all three months up front, which is awesome - thanks for the help that several of you offered.

I actually wrote this post on a piece of paper on Wednesday afternoon, after an adventure of mine on Tuesday night. All quizes will count towards your final exam. All questions should be answered as if you were The Rover.

1. If alcohol didn't exist, I would be:
a. ten pounds lighter
b. less fun
c. rich
d. the 40-year old virgin

2. Making out with someone with a significant other is only ok if:
a. s/he has decided they want to end the relationship
b. s/he has a history of being unfaithful
c. you had a previous encounter/relationship together
d. one or both of you are leaving town
e. it's not - you are a horrible person

3. Sleeping with a Republican makes me:
a. a bad person
b. a uniter instead of a divider

1 comment:

L. Britt said...

1. a and c

2. ONLY e!

3. See #2.

So do you really equate "making out" with "sleeping together", or did you get with two different women on Tuesday night?