Wednesday, May 23, 2007

kids today...

While walking to the subway the other day, I passed a couple of middle school kids holding hands. Very cute.

And then, another middle school-aged kid came up to them, pointing and yelling. You know how their hormones are raging, so they can't handle romance with other kids, and have to make a scene whenever they see it? That's what happened.

Except the kid said, "OMG!"

Yes, he actually said OMG. He then followed it up with the traditional, "Oh my God!" but the fact that he actually spoke in text-speak was alarming. Are we really that lazy of a society?

I must be getting old.


une petite chose said...

um... in college... my friends and i said "WTF" all the time. i may have also spend a period of time saying "OMG." :X

cassee01 said...

reminds of that commercial where the daughter speaks text to the mom - of course, I can't remember what service the commerical is for but I do remember that part LOL

a.maria said...

referencing the above comment, the conversation went like this..


it IS a big deal. who are you texting 50 times a day?

IDK my BFF jill?

well tell your BFF jill that you've lost your phone


oh yeah?! me paying this bill is whats.. S N F.

or something along those lines. which is sad. but for some reason that commercial makes me and a coworker laugh, so we recite it as often as possible.

mostly because we're HUGE LOSERS!!!

and i have to admit, i've said WTF a few times. usually followed by... "mate".