Tuesday, July 11, 2006

lazy summer/phone numbers

So...you may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much lately.

(Pause while you scroll down the page and verify that fact.)

And, if you're got a really sharp memory, you may remember that I didn't post a whole lot last summer, either.

(Pause while you flip through last year's archives to verify that fact.)

There's just something about hot weather that makes me...well...lazy. I feel like I can't get anything accomplished. I just want to lay around all day drinking refreshing beverages, like mango lemonade, or a cool Corona w/lemon. Hence, my writing suffers.

This fact is really frustrating when it comes to my journals. I look back to see what I was up to and I find whole months missing. It's kind of like being out of touch with a person for a month or two. If I could travel back in time, I would visit my then-self and gently remind him to write down what he was thinking/feeling, so that we could remember it later.

I'd also tell him to bet heavily on the Steelers in '05.


New topic.

Yesterday I got phone numbers from two ladies. Actually, if I'm being accurate, I got a phone number from one young woman, and gave my phone number to the second.

Pretty pimpish, right?

However, I must confess my reasons for doing so.

I did not ask for their numbers solely because they were hot chicks that I wanted to get with - although I do.

I really asked for their numbers to prove a point to myself. Mainly, that it's ok for me to start talking to someone that I don't know. I'm sure that I've asked dozens of women for their numbers in the past, but more often than not the relationship has been facilitated by another person - frequently the woman whose number I receive.

I'm just not good at starting a conversation. A couple of my female friends keep telling me, "You're attractive enough so that you should be able to walk up and start talking to anyone you want." I don't believe them.

And the other thing is...I just don't want to be seen as the skeezy guy who rolls up and says, "You know, I like every muscle in your body. Especially mine." Or, "Excuse me, miss. Are those space pants you're wearing? Because your ass is out of this world!" Not that I'd roll up with lines like those, but I feel like women can smell a man hitting on them a mile away.

So what ends up happening is, to avoid becoming the skeezy guy, I make myself seem like the really nice and friendly guy. Someone who is nice, and caring, and sensitive (but still manly). And then I make my move. Except that, 90% of the time, I get trapped in the Friend Zone.


(Note: I really am that nice, sensitive (but manly), caring guy. It just comes across a little differently if I want to make out with you.)

Anyway, yesterday's events mean that, perhaps, I'm turning over a new leaf. I'll let you know how the "dates" go...


Bright-Eyes said...

haha! we can SO smell it from a mile away!

But really, it doesn't matter. It is always flattering...even if you don't really want to give the guy your number. Most of us aren't bitchy, so go for it. And don't be scared to ask..well...you know.... We don't bite...

well, probably if you asked us to......

The Rover said...