Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It's always exciting when you see someone you know on TV. Last night I was watching "MTV's The 70's House" and was pleasantly surprised to see a friend from undergrad playing Slim the Disco-Dancing CarWash Guy. Of course, now that he's been on an MTV reality show, I think he's eligible to do a Real World/Road Rules Challenge. That would be awesome.

Maybe one day I could be on TV. Don't you think I would make a great criminal on Law & Order?


Anonymous said...

I went to undergrad with you... Who's playing Slim?

An A-List Celebrity said...

Oh Drew, it was the role you were born to play.

KLance, you would be better as a defense attorney. You just don't have that crack addict look about you that L&O loves so much.

J-Money said...

I agree with the A-lister. And there has to be a place for you since there are now 642 versions of Law and Order running at any given time.

Is it the Drew I think it is?

I was hoping it was that guy from the Bins.

The Rover said...

Drew Droege is the correct answer. He even has an IMDB page!