Sunday, April 03, 2005


I thought that my allergies were kicking up...but after five days, you've just got to suck it up and admit the truth. I'm sick. It's a cold. There - I did it.

I always get melancholy when I get sick - feeling bad for myself, remembering days gone by, that kind of stuff. I guess it's natural to feel bad mentally then, since you feel bad physically. Does this happen to anybody else, or just me.

Soup's on - lentil - mmmmm.


grrrrrr said...

hi there. i feel miserable when i have a cold too ! (of which i am currently suffering)
i hope you'll feel better soon. i hope i feel better soon too :p

Bright-Eyes said...

Of course you do.
this week I was laden with the crampage of womanhood. After severl hours of upchucking in the bathroom and weeping on the floor I hauled myself off to work. Mostly get the feeling of doom-age. On my feet the whole time at work half bent at the middle. I return home to sleep and lay there like a lump. Sort of wishing I was with my guy in some protective bubble where the real world can't get me. Woe is me.