Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hip-hop school

So tonight, at work, one of my friends finally convinces me to do something he's been bugging me to do for a couple of weeks: teach him about hip-hop. A bunch of the guys I work with have just gotten iPods, and so we're all kind of music crazy. Anyway, I've got to give them a few new songs or an album a week. Does this make me a nerd?

I'll put the list up here in the next couple of days - feel free to make any additions you feel are necessary.


The Queen said...

Black Ambassador...please to teach me of your kinds and your musics and to clap on beat.

Give me catfish and callords. I shall sup on them soonly.

And teach me, oh ambassador, to make the noise with the shiny shoes when I hop around.

And how to tie a doo-ragthankyou.

Bright-Eyes said...

heh heh...dat dere is one funny chica...