Thursday, May 07, 2009

a hiatus-breaking comment

Because I have to tell someone:

You know what drives me crazy?

I go into a fine coffee establishment that advertises "free" wireless. Because, you know, you're supposed to pay for the internet by purchasing something, I do. A cup of coffee. A muffin. A cupcake. All of the above.

Then I find a seat. Pull out my laptop. Plug it in...and the f'n internet doesn't work.


You couldn't, like, put up a sign saying that it's down? Idiots.

I hate that.


Marj said...

i was seriously considering moving because my internet sucked at the new place....

hang in there. time warner comes around eventually.

You should be able to get some free wi-fi at the public libraries.

Have a good weekend. ^_^

Bright-Eyes said...