Monday, April 06, 2009


Brief conversation with Maxine last week on the topic of our relationship - it lasted maybe ten minutes. Her perspective hasn't changed, and she still doesn't really seem to want to talk about things. The only reason why things were brought up is because she gets upset when I talk about taking off to random cities for jobs without talking to her about it. "It feels like you're just making these decisions unilaterally, without taking me into account."

"Well, if I'm not sure what the status of our relationship is, I kind of need to look out for myself, don't I?"

We agreed to talk when I get back; I think that will probably be the end of things.

So that I don't leave you all with strictly negative news, it looks as though I may have some interesting job options in the near future. I have to put together a couple of auditions, which could lead to some interesting storytelling (when I get over this hump and start writing regularly again). More on this as it develops.

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une petite chose said...

this is very interesting to me, because i've been chatting with maxine in real life and though i haven't disclosed the fact that you've written about this, i've asked her how things are and she maintains that everything is good and fine. mind-boggling, eh? or maybe just frustrating because i know she's pretending. :( either way, i'm really sorry to hear that all this is happening... i hope you can find a way to resolve it, whether it means being together or not.