Thursday, February 26, 2009

home sweet homeless

Sorry, folks. There's been a lot going on in my life, but I don't really comfortable blogging about much of it in detail. And since the heavy stuff is what's on my mind, I'm better off not writing anything at all.

Yesterday, however, was an all-time terrible day. Consider the following sequence of events, in chronological order:

- woke up and had a "relationship discussion" with the girlfriend; let's just say things are in a precarious position right now

- found out that I would not be moving into my apartment this week, as I had anticipated, because the federal agency that has been screwing me the past six months wanted one mo' gin

- discovered that I had given away the door key to my old apartment, meaning that I had to wait outside to be let in

- discovered that I had not received all my W-2s/1099s, which was bad news, because I needed to take them to my agency-screwing on Thursday morning, meaning I had to make an extra trip

The day did get better; my friend took me to a basketball game. That was pretty cool. Still, there were several points yesterday when I wanted to climb back in bed and start all over.

Back soon, hopefully with better news.

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Melissa said...


I'm working from home from now until the baby comes (which could be any day). Let's go get coffee. Or cake. Or coffee cake. Or coffee and cake.